Our famous Swedish Meatballs

Many of Scan’s meat products have an iconic status, not only in the Nordic region but also all over the world – just like our famous Swedish Meatballs.


Loved for over 50 years

Scan meatballs are based on an authentic Swedish recipe that has won the hearts of millions of food lovers for over 50 years. They are tasty, convenient, versatile and come in two varieties; original and cheese filled. Scan meatballs are delicious hot or cold; they are pre-cooked so can be eaten straight from the pack, or can be easily and quickly heated up. In Sweden, meatballs are traditionally served with mashed potatoes, cream gravy and lingonberry jam, but there are numerous tasty and exciting flavours and inspiring recipes to explore. So, what are you waiting for? Tuck in!

You can find Scan Meatballs in the chilled meat aisle next to beef mince, or in the freezer aisle.

Swedish Original Meatball

Product name Description Pack size Factory No
The Original Swedish Meatballs Meat 70 % (pork 55 %, beef 15 %) potato, water, potato flour, onion, iodized salt, potato fibre, dextrose, sugar, spice extract. 395g, 1kg (chilled)

500g (frozen)


Cheese filled Swedish recipe

Product name Description Pack size Factory No
Cheese filled Swedish recipe Meat 68 % (pork 54 %, beef 14 %), potato, water, potato flour, tomato, onion, parsley, garlic, basil, lemon powder, iodized salt, dextrose, potato fibre, sugar, spice extract, spices. 200g and 900g EE 13

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